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Mind Your Own Business

Oct 19, 2020

You’ve heard the buzzword ’self-care”—but what does it really mean?  And why is it really important?  
Join me as I interview my self-care coach, Pamela Zimmer.  We discuss the concepts of busyness and how not taking care of ourselves can be costing us our true joy, happiness, and success in our businesses. 
Join us as we explore some important questions including:
Is it really possible to have BALANCE?
What are the top myths people have around self-care?
Why do high performers need to slow down in order to go fast?
Is self-care selfish?
How does one engage in self-care if they have limited funds or time?
Where does one even begin?
You find everything you need to know about Pamela at



Welcome to the Mind Your Own Business podcast,  where you will supercharge your impact, influence, and income with Dr. Erin, the Success Psychologist, and award-winning business strategist.  

Learn Dr. Erin’s best mindset techniques to help you “turn down the volume” of fear, self-doubts, and lack of confidence.  Learn the psychology of success to improve your mindset, and ultimately, your bottom line.   

It’s time to get out of your own way and train your brain to be your best business partner!  Learn how to create a business, and life, that you are obsessed with!  

It’s time…YOUR time…to step into Greatness!

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